The Leaders Network was birthed out of a mobilization effort of dozens of Chicago Westside churches to donate disaster relief funds to aid families victimized by the Iranian Earthquake of 2003, the South East Asia Tsunami of 2004, and Hurricane Katrina of 2005. In 2006 the Leaders Network began to take form with a historic campaign against the giant Advocate Health Care and their closing of Bethany Hospital. This resulted in the establishment of a multi-million Community Health Fund for the Westside.

Since then, the Leaders Network has championed many social justice causes including police misconduct and accountability, advocating for an increase in state education funding, anti-violence campaigns, peace marches, employment fairness, calling for accountability and change in the Cook County Medical Examiners Office, advocating for Independent Civilian Police Review Board, leading community efforts for missing Austin teen, organized city-wide clergy coalition that produced 50,000 signatures calling for common sense gun legislation, after school programming, voter registration campaigns, breast cancer awareness, hosting Town Hall Meetings to end youth violence, to mention a few.

Driven by compassion, the Leaders Network meets monthly purposing to bring church and community stakeholders together to organize, strategize, and mobilize for the improvement of the quality of life for westside residents and greater Chicago. The Leaders Network is committed to stay the fight for Social Justice and help those who interface with tragedy both locally and globally.